Let’s give a big welcome to another Momz Share participant for the first quarter! (Love her Twitter avatar BTW! Always makes me chuckle!)

Name and Name of Blog: Sunday Stilwell @ WYSIWYG

Twitter name: @Domestksuprhero

Tell us a little bit about your blog: I am a stay at home mom with 2 rambunctious boys, Sam, age 7 and Noah, age 4. My boys are both severely autistic and are the inspiration for my blog. When attempting to describe autism I found that the best way to do so was to call them WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. Their actions, behaviors, and motivations are uniquely their own and each has their own set of strengths and weaknesses in the midst of their diagnosis. My blog is my attempt to bring some light and some laughs to raising children with autism.

Most surprising or coolest thing that has happened as a result of your blogging? Blogging has helped me find an outlet for the stress and loneliness that often accompanies both being a stay at home mom and a mom raising children with special needs. My blog has allowed me to be social even if I can’t leave the house and that leaves me feeling as if I have built up a community of friends whom I have never met and yet feel very close to and thankful for.

Aside from blogging, what would you name as some of your passions? My passions have always been my relationship and faith in Jesus Christ and advocating for my children and others affected by autism. I have chosen to embrace and accept my children’s diagnoses and instead of allowing someone tell me my children are a ‘shell’ of the real persons they could be I see them as God created them…unique and mysterious. My hope is to spread awareness that autism is not a road block to life but rather a scenic route.

Blogs I love:

Shelley @ The Sprouffskes: Life on the Farm
Shelley’s blog was the first I ever read and followed. I christened my google reader with her 2 blogs and have read them daily for the past 3+ years. She is an amazing photographer located in picturesque Washington state where she shot the engagement and wedding photos for one of my childhood friends. I visit her blog daily to see her photos, read humorous stories, salivate over the delicious recipes, and join her in prayer. I always leave feeling like I have spent time with a good friend.

Shell @ Things I Can’t Say

Shell was one of the first bloggers I made a connection with through my blog and we have since developed a great online bloggy friendship. She and I share a wry sense of humor and are both moms of boys. Her blog is written anonymously because she had a previous blog that was found out by her family and friends and that apparently did not go over so well. Hence the title of her new blog: Things I Can’t Say. Except now she does so by steering clear of using real names and not sharing her blog with those she knows in real life.