Today I reconnected with a friend that I hadn’t spoken with in awhile.  It was so nice to laugh with her and reminisce and talk.  Truly, she is an amazing lady.

Talking with my pal made me realize that I was desperately missing something in my life. Something essential. Something that has left a void in me.

I desperately miss my running.

You see, this pal was with me when I ran my first marathon.  We trained for months together and became very, very close friends.

Our conversation made me realize what I was missing at this point in my life.  I am missing the breeze in my hair. The steady sound of feet on the pavement. I am missing the daydreams.  The goal setting. I even miss the speed work. (Which is weird because nobody misses speed work.)

When I run I feel like a warrior.  I feel strong.  Running makes me feel like I am more than just a mother. More than just a suburban housewife. More than just a business woman.  When I run I feel like, well, like nothing short of  a badass.

It is a passion that most can’t understand or relate to.  I know.  But it makes me feel ALIVE. And I had forgotten that passion.  At least, I thought I did.

Chatting on the phone today with my pal brought it all back to me and put a fire in my belly.  So I laced up my shoes, threw in my headphones and rocked out on the treadmill.  The experience was exhilarating and totally reminded me of a quote I once saw:

“The longer I run, the smaller my problems become…”

Everyone has passions.  Though not the same in size or scope, our passions are what make us come alive.  They are gifts given to us that make us unique and special.  Have you reconnected with your passions lately?