Name and Name of Blog: Christine Van Bloem, Gotta Break Some Eggs & Frederick Foodie

Twitter name: @frederickfoodie & @breaking eggs

Tell us a little bit about your blog: Gotta Break Some Eggs is a food blog focused on teaching teens & tweens how to rock it out in the kitchen and build a little confidence along the way.

Most surprising or coolest thing that has happened as a result of your blogging?

The coolest result of my blogging thus far absolutely has to be the trip to San Francisco last fall for BlogHer Food. The conference of course was fab, but my first trip to San Fran (my someday hometown), spur of the moment, is what really made it all worthwhile. It was a memorable experience on every level. And the swag? Unbelievably awesome and unexpected..

What do you love the most about blogging?

I love blogging because of the freedom to talk about, well, whatever is on my mind that day. But the best part? Creating and engaging in a conversation about a topic that really means something to folks. Comments are the BEST, and I live for getting the thoughtful, thought-provoking ones as much as possible.

Help us discover two of your favorite blogs on the net!

I just love My Point of View, a new blog started by my friend Beth. She focuses in on food, family, and photography, and I love to hear what shes thinking. Shes a pretty darn good cook too, and I like to see what shes up to with food.

My food bloggie love goes out to Matt Bites, written (and gor-ge-ously photographed) by Matt Armendariz. Its clean, fresh, and beautiful. Plus his food photography is just my style, but with actual creativity!