What is with the Girl Scouts and their cookies?


Each and every year right about this time the Girl Scouts descend upon the world and blanket it with their cookieness and charm.

Girls, I love ya, but not when I am on a diet.  And FYI, I am usually on a diet after the annual holiday binge.

No matter where I am these days I find myself completely surrounded by those darn Girl Scouts. Everywhere I look the little ladies are smiling at me with their come hither, you-know-you-want-them smiles.

I wasn’t even safe in the blizzard.  Forty two inches of snow.  The entire state of Maryland in a transportation lockdown, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a sweet little scout at my door one day asking if I wanted to buy some cookies.  Not. Even. Kidding.

Well, DUH!?

Of course I bought some.

Before you think me weak, consider the facts:

We were trapped in a blizzard.
She was cute.
She was selling us COOKIES.
She was adorable.
It was the middle of a BLIZZARD.

In the end, my willpower was no match for the cuteness of the little girl tromping around in the snowstorm peddling cookie nirvana.

And now I am five pounds heavier to prove it.

Now I see cookies everywhere I turn. My pal dropped two more boxes off yesterday. I HAD FORGOTTEN THAT I EVEN ORDERED THEM.

And now I can’t have them because of LENT.  Thin Mints taunt me every day from my cupboard.

I’m not kidding when I say that there are Girl Scouts parked outside of every grocery store and discount mart in my town. They are even peddling their wares outside of CHURCH on Sunday.

Is nowhere safe?

I MIGHT NEED TO GO INTO HIDING.  I’ll be blogging from the safety of an undisclosed location for the next few months.