Today I was flipping through a random magazine when I came across an article called “Hollywood Skinny – Celebrity Diets.”  One of the Hollywood secret diets being featured was the… wait for it….THE BABY FOOD DIET.

I’m sorry?

This weight loss plan  is built around the idea of substituting one or two meals a day for tiny, baby-size purees. Oh, YUM.

Suddenly the Cabbage Soup diet sounds slightly gourmet.

The weird thing about it is that stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Lily Allen are all rumored to be proponants of the Baby Food Diet.

Are you kidding me?

Where I come from, the only time adults pull out the this type of thing is to torture others at baby showers.  Ever played the ole’ “taste the mystery baby food and identify the ingredients” game?  A thrill, to be sure.  And for the record, I NEVER manage to guess the correct food combination.  Who in their right mind would combine “prunes & meat” into one little jar, anyway?  Nasty.

And although I must admit that am always on the lookout for new diet and fitness information, this is one I will pass on.  You would have to be pretty desperate to resort to pureed pears and ham.