I wanted to share a dialogue with you that occurred between my 10 year old and I last night.  I tell you this so that you can feel proud of yourself as a parent and as you lay your head down on your pillow tonight you are able to thank the dear Lord that this was not a conversation held with YOUR OWN SON. You’re welcome.

TINY NINJA: Mamma, today I had a bloody nose.

ME: Ohmygoshwhathappened?!  (I’m slightly freaked out by this news. My son has never had a bloody nose before.) Did your teacher see? Did anybody HELP you? Where were you? In recess? Did you fall down?

TINY NINJA: No.  I was in class.

ME: Poor baby! What happened?

TINY NINJA: I was trying to get a BOOGER out.

ME: OH. (Wince.) You know dude, you shouldn’t pick your nose. That is nasty.

TINY NINJA: Mom, I’ve got to!  It’s, like, my JOB.

CHARMING. Yes people, this was an actual, undoctored conversation with the fruit of my loins. And THAT is my gift to you on this witty Wednesday.  If you feel like reading some oldies but goodies about my life with boys, try: