This Fitness Friday I have asked my friend Lori Rypka to do a guest post.  Lori has lost an amazing amount of weight (70 pounds and counting…)on her fitness journey and inspires me every day to make the right choices.  She is living proof that determination will get you the results you want every time!

Dieting sucks, so why do it?

Now that you’ve gasped and spit out your morning danish, hear me out.
It’s true, dieting sucks. Coming from a serial dieter, I can’t say I have looked back on a single program and thought, “Wow, this is the
life. I’ve got it made on this program. Next stop: The cover of Oxygen magazine.”

Deprivation, starvation, contemplation of confection. Shun them all. I have seen the light and am giving you a glimpse of my world.

The Girl Scout Cookie Diet.

OK, I’m obviously kidding. So let’s drill down to what we hear the most. Forget Aktins. Forget South Beath. Forget The Cookie Diet. Doctors have
been saying it for time and eternity. Eat a well balanced diet with fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. I mean,
they built a whole Food Pyramid on these principles.

Yeah, yeah, heard that before. Guess what … it actually works. Whoa!

Call the media! This is HUGE news!

A friend told me about the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Rosa. I thought about it, researched it, bought the book … and a light went on in an already
lit room. She’s got some great information there, the actual food she recommends is on the Food Pyramid. No food groups are eliminated.
Certain food groups are limited. She recommends food as close to how God made them as possible, and in the healthiest varieties (read: no white
flour/sugar/rice). I’ve heard it all before, but this time it clicked. I was also weighed down with the whole “Do I really want to set my kids up
for health issues in the future?” guilt.

Was it easy? Yes and no. Yes, because I made up my mind that this is a lifestyle change and not a diet, and that it ultimately is the best
thing I could do for my family. No, because I have too cook and shop a lot more (sort of wish I could find all the ingredients in one store).

I’m about three weeks into it, and I do feel better, have dropped some weight and feel good for what I’m doing for my kids. It’s also been fun
to be approached for advice from friends who have also been thinking about this. It’s worth the extra mileage hunting down ingredients as
well as the extra time in the kitchen. After all, a diet is temporary. A lifestyle is for life.

Lastly, it was also about deciding that I’m worth it. And I am.