Can you believe it?

My very own blog is all grown up and ONE YEAR OLD today!

So exciting!  This blog is truly a passion of mine.  Can you tell?

When I branched out on my own last year and decided that I would host my own blog instead of solely blogging for others, never did I think that I would end up with so many amazing friends and opportunities.

I have been truly blessed by this amazing blogging community.  Y’all rock.

But not even in my wildest Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated dreams did I imagine that I would have been published by Maryland Life Magazine!

I know, right?

If you live in Maryland, get your hands on the March/April 2010 issue and look for my article “It Takes A Virtual Village: Rise of the Mommy Blogs.” (It also features the wonderful Jessica McFadden from A Parent In Silver Spring.)

But back to topic….what I really need to say is THANK YOU to each and every person who has ever stumbled upon my blog and stopped to read a post that I have written.  I may not know you, but you have profoundly impacted my life!