Every week I set out to bring you something profound for WITTY WEDNESDAY. Something to inspire. Something to make you feel good.  You know, something WITTY. (Duh, right?) And then each week one my my little guys say something so damn cute that I just have to post it.  Ah, well!

So last night my ten year old (Tiny Ninja) and I were praying before he went to bed.  We do this every night together.

So during the course of the conversation, I asked him if he ever thought about God during the school day.  I assured him that if he had a hard time or ever needed help during school that all he would need to do would be to say a prayer and God would be with him.

He said, “I know that mamma. He sends those big angels to be with me.”

Me, “You mean guardian angels?”

Tiny Ninja, “Yeah the ones that are beside my bed right now.  You know, the ones you are squishing!?”  (He was dead serious, folks.)

Me, “Oh, am I?”

Tiny Ninja, “Don’t squish the angels Mamma. They don’t like it.”

So there you have it.  Words of wisdom from Tiny Ninja – “Don’t squish the guardian angels. They don’t like it.” 

Duly noted son.

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