Blogging is making me fat.


I’m in a new place in my life.  A place where my clothing is limited and my self esteem is non-existent.  I wish I could say that I haven’t been here before but, alas, I have.  I am a classic yo-yo girl.  Usually it is 5-7 pounds and it never goes above a certain weight threshold.  There is a certain number on the scale that I never let myself go beyond.  That is to say, I USUALLY never let myself go beyond.

Until now.

And I blame it on blogging.

Well, kinda.

You see, I LOVE to blog.  I love to find new blogs and I love to read them.  I would rather spend my time doing that then anything else practically.  And that is my problem. I have let my blogging get in the way of my healthy lifestyle.  Oh sure, it is not the only thing that gets in the  way, but I know that I make certain choices over fitness.  I blog late into the night thus making it impossible to get up early enough to fit in a morning workout.  I check in with other blogs when I should be stealing time for a quick jog or walk. And on and on..

Obviously it is not just the blogging but the fact that I have an imbalance in my life.  I’m not using my time wisely. I’m not planning out my menus. I’m not watching what I eat… I know all of this.  What I also know is that I have been spending too much of my time on a chair in front of the computer rather than making fitness a priority. <sigh>

I don’t know about you, but when I am overweight I feel miserable. My confidence fades.  I am just not the same person.

So what are my choices?  What am I going to do about it?  Abandon the blog?  Buy a new, larger wardrobe?

NEITHER. I’m going to combine the two – blogging and fitness.

Not sure if you noticed but up on the navigation bar I have added a new page called “fitness.” That is where I will be blogging about all things fitness.  I expect that it will be largely personal and will chronicle my journey back into my old clothing.  And by old clothing I mean the stuff I fit into in April of last year… NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL. (I expect that I won’t be getting into a pair of size five jeans for awhile, if ever.)

So if you are interested in fitness and my before/after journey, frustrations and training, fitness products, diet plans and all of that jazz… be sure to check that section of my blog out.  (Feel free to cheer me on or give me a pep talk too.  I’m sure I’ll need the inspiration!)