I had a plan this evening.  I was going to go for a run.  Come hell or high water I was going to hit the treadmill.

But, alas, I didn’t.

I did something so much better –  I took to the pavement with my nine year old.  While my husband and son #1 went to soccer practice, I spent some mommy bonding time with Young Jedi.

You know, it is amazing what you learn about your child while on a good long walk.

For example:

  • The following things make Young Jedi truly happy in a giddy “yippie” kind of way – candy, soda, Disney World, sweets, swimming, Selena Gomez and chocolate.  Not necessarily in that order.  Notice the absence of mommy and daddy?  Yeah, so did I. (Little stinker!)
  • Rocks are so incredibly cool that one must stop every five minutes and pick them up, examine them and throw them into the woods.  This is a rule.  I don’t know why the rule exists in the universe but I know that it does. I think boys get bonus points for discovering mud underneath them.
  • Snot is always present. Always. Especially when you don’t have a tissue handy.  Even  when a young male does not show any outward symptoms of a cold, he will  have snot.  RUNNING DOWN HIS FACE.  (I had previously assumed that this particular occurrence would cease the minute they got out of kindergarten but I concede that that is not the case.)
  • Boys are unbelievably fearless and have an uncanny ability to get dirty… but they are also inspiring, curious and sensitive. 
  • They will turn ANYTHING into a race.  If they fall down, they will want you.  If they don’t, they will leave you.  If you come across a hill, you must climb it.  TOGETHER.

Who needs a treadmill?