As I detailed in this post, I am on a new quest!  So, as I learn more about diet, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle, I will share it with you, my bloggy pals. Here are a couple of tidbits I came across yesterday:

NO HASSLE WAY TO LOOSE LBS: To lose an additional 4 1/2 pounds in three months you need to DRINK 16 OUNCES OF WATER before each meal.

EAT WITH A MAN: Didja know that studies show that if you dine with a man instead of your girlfriends, you will eat 250 fewer calories?  That is what they say, anyway.

JAVA UP THE METABOLISM: The caffeine in one cup of coffee delivers a 16% metabolism boost!  Researchers also suggest drinking 2-3 cups a day to halt emotional eating.  Coffee drinkers are 34% less likely to feel blue.  Personally, I’m thinking that I might want to pass up the cream and sugar. I am fairly sure that coffee consumption is part of my overall issue.