I  can feel the shift.  Quite literally, I can feel  it.

That lost feeling that has been there for months?   GONE.

The searching?  The  quiet desperation?  Adios.

I’m in a new place.

I am thrilled.

Not that I wasn’t always “happy.”  It was just that in a deeper place, underneath it all I was always uneasy.  I kept myself very busy so that I wouldn’t have to completely acknowledge it.

I wouldn’t say that I was depressed these past couple of months, rather DEVOID OF TRUE JOY.

Until now.

I decided to stop the internal drama.  It was getting me nowhere.  I decided to stop over analyzing and just BE. Just LIVE.

And that simple decision has turned things around for me.

I find bliss now in the innocence of my children. In the goofy jokes from my husband. In the blossoms on the trees. In loud, happy music. In the wind through my hair and the natural beauty of life.

The laughter is back, people.