Have you ever CAUGHT someone sizing you up?  I mean,caught them at the precise moment when you knew that they were making a mental judgment about you, your clothes, hair, weight, etc?

That recently happened to me at a party.  I caught someone (female, of course) totally judging me.  It wasn’t pretty. Obviously it was a negative judgment or it wouldn’t have been so obvious.  I wanted to shout “Hello?  Lady, I am right here!  I can TOTALLY see you.”

Sheesh.  Why do we do that to each other?

I later laughed it off with my husband because, well, what else was I gonna do?  Of course I thought of something brilliant  to say to her AFTER I got home.


I am so much more witty in my head than in real life.  I’m also way cuter too.  Muwahahaaa!