Today is not about Hip As I Wanna Be. Today is about Susan Niebur, a wonderful mom and blogger from Toddler Planet. She is also an astrophysicist, specifically a planetary scientist.  Susan has worked for NASA and presently conducts research on space science missions.  She can also be found creating magic at Women in Planetary Science and Mothers With Cancer.

Susan is in surgery today, fighting a brave fight against cancer.  This is her second fight against the disease.

Today Hip As I Wanna Be is part of a VIRTUAL SCIENCE FAIR all aimed at supporting her in her fight and promoting the science that she so dearly loves by experiencing it with your children.

Now, the only thing that you need to know about me is that I am not such a science fanatic.  It is not a subject that comes particularly easy for moi so it is not something that I tackle willingly.

HOWEVER… I decided that the next week will be “devoted” to working a little science fun into my boy’s lives.  Come hell or high water we are gonna jump in this science thing together.

<—On the schedule: Crystal making, test-tube experiments and nature hikes.

The hiking part was easy.  My father and sister (Hey, don’t judge! Mamma had to work.) took the kids on a hike through the Appalachian Trail on Monday.  The boys got a chance to identify plants and animal prints … NOT TO MENTION examine a huge black snake.  (Which thrilled them, to be sure.) We are currently working with them on identifying plants around us.  And grugingly, I will admit that it is not too bad.

Score one for science.

Next up – test tube madness. Anything that produces copious amounts of goo or fizz is NOT okay with the husband.  I’m gonna have to try to figure out how we can be fun and creative while neat and tidy.

Errr…. okay. On second thought, I think we are gonna take this stuff outside.  Maybe we’ll even try the old exploding Diet Coke and Mentos trick!  That is always a boy pleaser! (And technically it is science, right?) After that we’re gonna make rock candy crystals!

So again, while I am dousing myself in goo and slime, please keep Susan in your prayers.  She is a fighter and an inspiration to all!  You go girl!  (If you would like to check out some of the other Virtual Science Fair bloggers, check out Jean’s link up here!)