I was convinced that I wouldn’t accomplish it.  So much to do today. So much to remember. So much to think about.

There was simply no way that I would make it out ON TIME to this black-tie function I was scheduled to attend this evening.  BECAUSE: I had a sick child.  There were doctor’s appointments. Pharmacy trips. Client work. Supplies to be picked up. Conference calls to participate in.  Children, a husband and pets to feed. Soccer practices to make.

Ridiculous amounts of makeup and hair spray to apply. Spanx to squeeze in to.


Smirking because of the ridiculousness that is ME trying to take a picture of myself. I'm kind of an idiot. And I am not talented with a camera.

And then I decided to blog about it.  Because WHY?  Because I am ridiculous that way.

Now for the hardest part –  remembering where the heck I am going.