I was going to do this as a Wordless Wednesday post but then I realized it is actually Tuesday and I am mentally a day ahead because I am clearly no longer in full control of my faculties.

So being all original I decided to call it “Tearful Tuesday.”  Alliteration, anyone?

In any event, my Tiny Ninja went to bed in TEARS this evening because he couldn’t find his favorite magazine.  THE magazine.  You know, THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS TO KIDS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD?! Yep, Oriental Trading.

THAT magazine.

Every time he gets one Ninja pours over each page, dazzled by offering after offering of amazing kid stuff delivered to your doorstep IN BULK.  DOZENS of items for $4.99.  Cases of useless stuff for a mere $15.00!!!  THIS MAGAZINE IS LIKE KID CRACK.

And we can’t find his copy anywhere.

He was in a panic, dear friends.  PANIC. But this is one mother who is not only resourceful, she is also CONNECTED!  I called a pal that works at a YMCA and she is saving my butt.  You see there is one thing I know about YMCAs and that is – ORIENTAL TRADING is their lifeblood.

Sweet!  So, Ninja may have gone to bed in tears, but tomorrow afternoon he will be swimming in catalogs of useless junk.  Yay me!

But I am compelled to ask:  Anyone else out there have kids who are addicted to this crazy little magazine?  Is it just my little one?