I remember the day that my life changed forever. A friend of mine encouraged me to take a run with her through the park.  I told her that there was no way that I could!  But her encouragement that day and my persistence made me realize that I could accomplish great things in life by taking it one step at a time and by believing in myself.

It represented SO MUCH MORE than ‘going out for a run.”

It represented A PHILOSOPHY. The realization that I really could accomplish the unthinkable. And it continues to shape my life and my dreams to this day.

My only wish?  That I had learned it sooner.  I want to pass that spirit along to MY CHILDREN and TO OTHER CHILDREN. I want them to find their power NOW.

That is why I’ve chosen to raise money for the “Run for Something Better” charity in the New York City Marathon. They are changing children’s lives through fitness. R.F.S.B. (@orangelaces) encourages healthy lifestyles and the prevention of childhood obesity. They fund running and fitness education programs in schools to show kids how exercise can help achieve good health and positive self esteem.

Won’t you please consider supporting me in this endeavor? Your support will empower kids and make an important impact on their life. You will be there with them in spirit as they work to achieve their dreams.  (Hey, even JLo and her hubby support this charity!)



We have until OCTOBER 1 to raise the funds.  CAN WE DO IT?


(Please also help spread the word via social media!  Tweet, Facebook, Stumble, Digg, Link it up!  Remember – ANY help is completely appreciated!!)