I don’t even know why I bother trying to teach my kids cleanliness.  I mean, they are BOYS.  And truthfully, they always seem to be sporting grass-stains, dirty fingernails and muddy faces.

Actual argument  with my son last night:

Me: You are filthy, child. Make sure to clean yourself up before you go to bed.

Young Jedi:  Why?  Nobody is going to SEE  me.  It is not like the newspaper is going to come and take a PICTURE of me or anything.

Me: That doesn’t matter.  I’m trying to teach you important PERSONAL HYGIENE habits.  Girls aren’t going to like you if you don’t clean up, dude.

Young Jedi: Mom, I’m NINE YEARS OLD.  It is not like I’m going to be dating anybody until I’m 15.  Sheesh.

So that settles it I guess.  He will be filthy until he is 15. Excellent.