When you meet one of your idols there are a couple of things that you SHOULD DO and a couple of things you SHOULDN’T DO.

I met Dave Barry the other day at the National Press Club.  Astounding, I know.  The fact that “they” even let me into the press club in itself was a miracle, let alone the fact that they let me get within inches of THE MAN.  (More on WHY I was even there tomorrow.)

Seriously. Authors, at least in my mind, are MEGA STARS.  Having worked in the music industry for years, I can hold my own with movie stars and singers.  I don’t get flustered.  I stay calm and collected.

AUTHORS, on the other hand, make me all giddy and stupid.

So in the room with me at this function was THE MAN plus Amy Tan and Ridley Pearson. OH. MY. GOSH.  I felt brilliant and witty just breathing the same air. KnowwhatImean?

So what did I do when faced with such an amazing opportunity?  Did I seize the day?  Did I approach them with confidence and compliment them on their literature? Did I hand them my blog card and invite them to check it out?


I stood in line like a moron and got my picture taken with Dave (Cause we are on a first name basis now right?) and DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING except, “Hi I am Jen!  Can I get a picture with you?”

Nothing about his work. Nothing about how much his writing has influenced me.  I didn’t even tell him he was funny. EVERYBODY TELLS HIM HE IS FUNNY!  As for Amy and Ridley… never even approached them.  I was way to shy.  CAN YOU SAY “MISSED OPPORTUNITY?”


FOR THE RECORD: Here is picture proof that I was a grinning idiot at the press conference.  Yup. I’m a cheese-ball like that.