What I want to know right now:

  • Who the hell thought up TV Turnoff Week?
  • AND Why is my son’s teacher torturing me?

On Monday afternoon Young Jedi brought a piece of paper home stating that it was TV TURNOFF WEEK and that we had no choice but to unplug for the week. Why no choice? BECAUSE if he watched TV then two things would happen:  He would miss an amazing classroom party with CHEETOS and he would have to endure two full hours of math while he watched his classmates eat said CHEETOS.

Now, my little guy is extremely competitive.  So if his buddies are getting Cheetos then for the love of God, he is also getting Cheetos.

For the record, I checked with my oldest son about his TV turnoff week activity requirements  and he informed me that he was having no such competition in his classroom.   WHICH MEANS that we have our third grade teacher to thank.  Grr… (You know who you are!)

IMMEDIATE FAIL BY THE WAY. The very first night we (the parents) caved. It was 24 night for heaven’s sake!  You know, Jack Bauer saving the country and all that?  I’ve been watching 24 for seven seasons now and no third grade teacher is getting in between me and my obsession favorite show.  Of course, I felt bad afterward.  Especially since the child felt the need to point out our indiscretion. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Up until this week I thought we were lightweights in regards to television. But I now know that we are slightly, okay, very dependent on the boob tube.

How is gal supposed to get ready for work in the morning without Sponge Bob or Timmy Turner?  Or make dinner?  Or calm her brain? OR BRIBE HER CHILDREN?

Half of my life is spent leveraging TV/video game time with good behavior.  This week I had nothin.’  I was without armor. No secret weapon of discipline.


But I am happy to report that as of this very moment (Sunday @9:25pm) my kids are in bed which means WE SURVIVED!! WOOT!

Totally celebrating. I think it is time to turn on a show and eat some Cheetos.