As we all know, Mother’s Day is a few short days away.  Oh yes. That day of the year when every mother gets to sit back, relax and be waited on.

Written by my 9 year old!

Except me.

This mamma spends her holiday each year with the matriarchs in her life: Mamma Winter and Mamma Gerlock.  Which is always a blast, don’t get me wrong, it is just not uber-relaxing in a Zen kind of way.  But it is a nice way to honor the women who have shaped my life. My girlfriend Joy somehow convinced her family to celebrate Mother’s Day a week early so that she could have her own day as well as give her full attention to her mom and mother-in-law without care or resentment.  Joy is brilliant. Obviously.

So in honor of Mother’s Day and all it encompasses, I thought I would do a little round up of “mother-like” things in my life.

Some Mamma Stories From My Life

Mammas I Love On The Web

  • Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom (Snarky, Funny, Irreverent – Talk to her every day on the phone. One day she will get wise and block my number.)
  • Makeover Momma (I love her even though she is crazy cute. Damn her for being so nice, you know?)
  • Ooph (I think we live the same life. Really, I do.)
  • WATI (Womb at the Insane, the lovely Kadi Prescott, also creator of  Girly Gazette and Marketing by Moms… she has her hands in everything! Funny, positive and so savvy.)
  • And all of my Momz Share ladies, of course!

My OTHER Babies (Meaning, projects I have creatively birthed and therefore they are ALSO my children.)

Oh and in case you happen to be my husband or know my husband, this Mommy would love some new running shoes for Mother’s Day.  Or, if you are feeling really generous, an iPad.  🙂