It is no secret that lately I have been a little busy. Between opening the new office, holding down clients, managing my household (including a husband with Bronchitis – ouch!) and taking care of the kid’s needs… well, I’m a little tired.

So when I was invited to a night out in Baltimore as a guest of Aquafina’s Flavor Splash and Mom Central for a ‘Celebrate Moms’ event, I was totally on board. I can’t even recall the last night out with girlfriends, it has literally been that long.

It was truly a fun, fun night out!! The event was held at a swank-tastic venue called the Red Maple.  We had cocktails, ate some phenomenal food, sipped cocktails and Flavor Splash drinks infused with fruit, chatted it up and had plenty of laughs!

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One great takeaway from the night was a goody bag full of water to sample.  I am happy to report that I am thoroughly enjoying the different flavors of FlavorSplash, especially since I hate water although I KNOW I need to drink more of it. (Totally. Hate. Plain. Water.) They found a new fan in me.

FTC Disclosure: I wrote this post after attending an event sponsored by Aquafina FlavorSplash and Mom Central. I received FlavorSplash goodies and a gift card as a thank you for posting.