As much as I may hate to admit it (LOL!) my husband is right about a lot of things.  Most importantly he is right in his stubborn  refusal to loose sight of the family as center of our lives.  Sometimes it frustraits me, I will admit it.  But I can’t argue it.  FAMILY FIRST.

Ever have one of those messages that seem to swirl about your life?  Issues that keep coming up?  Messages that assault you in conversation?  Phrases that stare up at you from magazines and shout at you from the television set?

I believe that it is the universe (God) trying to tell you something.

If you know me, you know that I am a pretty faith filled person.  That doesn’t mean that I am perfect.  Oh no.  Absolutely not.  But I do try to be obedient and to love and care for others.

I find that when I take some time in the morning to center myself and pray, my day goes by so much better. It is truly magical.  At any rate, it was during this “quiet time” this morning that I discovered this passage in my Busy Mom’s Bible:

“One thing that’s certain about life is that it’s uncertain. We aren’t promised a tomorrow. That’s why it’s crucial that we spend our time investing in what really matters today.  We must constantly remind ourselves of what is eternal and what is just temporary. Time clocks must be punched and laundry must be done, but people are far more important than running a business or having the perfect house.

Remind yourself to invest in your family.  Eliminate a commitment or two that takes you unnecessarily from your family.  Finally, set aside and protect family time. Quality time with your family has to be planned; it won’t just happen.”

Isn’t that powerful?  My husband has always been a fervent protector of family time.  I’ve been getting a little off track with that lately and I am so grateful that I have been paying attention to those “little messages” that have been swirling about my life.

Has anything been hitting you lately?  Have you had a moment to stop and notice?  What is the universe telling you?