Nice title, right?

Subtle, that is my middle name.

This is one subject that I just can’t be subtle about.  I can’t beat around the bush. I can’t dance around the subject.  Basically, I NEED YOU!

You see, I’ve found myself somehow up for a nomination by Nickelodeon for “Best Parenting Blog.”  I know, I am as shocked as you are.

I was just all minding my business one day when I came across the notification in my in-box.  I thought that surely it was a mistake.  But then I saw my picture on the same page as this description:

“We know you love Dooce, Amalah and about six million other awesome blogs. But which of these up-and-comers make you laugh, cry and LOVE being a parent?”

Besides the fact that I have NO IDEA WHY I am included in the same company with those ladies (who are awesome BTW), I am beyond thrilled.  I feel like someone nominated me for HOMECOMING QUEEN’.

And I am totally okay with begging asking for votes.

So if you are a friend, or a relative, a stranger or a stalker (no matter!) please head over to Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Picks 2010 to vote to nominate me for the BEST PARENTING BLOG.

I totally appreciate it!