My nine year old, who I affectionately call Young Jedi, is a very astute young man.  Like, VERY, VERY astute if you know what I mean.  Way too smart and savvy for his own good.  He seems to understand things way beyond his years.  It is frightening. 😉

So yesterday morning the boys and I were watching the Today Show waiting for my pal @MaryMac to come on and school Matt Lauer on Silly Bandz.  Now, normally I never get control of the television.  It is all Sponge Bob or Fineas & Ferb all morning.  Mamma gets no real grown up time.

In any event, a segment came on about women going grey and our obsession with dying our hair instead of letting the grey show. The Jedi was fascinated and perplexed. (I wish I had taken a picture.) I could tell from his face that he just didn’t “get it.”

He looked at me and asked, “Mamma?  Are you gonna dye your hair too?  You know, when you get grey hairs?”

Me: “Buddy, I ALREADY DO.”

Jedi: (Wide-eyed horror)  “You DO?  Why?  Like, since WHEN?”

Me: “Like, since you were BORN, child.  Since you were born.”

Jedi: “What does THAT mean?

Me: “Think about it, kid.”

Jedi: (Smirking)….”Heh! Cool. So can I watch Spongebob now?”

Which reminds me, I need to get to the salon…. FAST.

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