My lovely gal pal Michele from Scraps Of My Geek Life tagged me today in her latest blog post.  Specifically the post challenged me to divulge 10 things that make me happy. Hmmm…. Okay, I’ll bite:

1. Sleep – First thing that pops into my mind right now because it is nearly midnight and I am just getting started on my bloggy stuff.  I value sleep but never, ever seem to get enough.  It all stems back from when that first little baby was born almost 11 years ago. <sigh>

2. Tech gadgets – I can’t get over them.  Seriously!  Who am I any more?  I want an iPad more than I want my own arm.  I covet those cute little, tiny laptops with internet access.  You know the ones?  So tiny they fit in your purse!  I could, like, blog from the car  people!!!

3. Giggles – Specifically, my children’s giggles.  That sound makes me stop dead in my tracks.  It brings me to tears and makes me count my blessings immediately.  Giggles are God’s gift, if you ask me.

4. Lipgloss – Do I even need to explain this?

5. Running & running paraphernalia – A no-brainer.  Running makes me feel powerful.  When you throw in all of the accessories like shoes, clothing, GU, water bottles, hats… well, I am in heaven.  I don’t care what the paraphernalia is, I love it ALL.  Even a 26.2 bumper sticker on the car in front of me makes me grin like an idiot.  Hey, a girl’s gotta have her accessories, right?

6. My husband – Sappy, yes.  But it is a reality.  He is just as crazy as the little hooligans that I am raising.  How can I NOT LOVE LIFE?

7. The beach – I love everything about it.  Sand crabs and all.  It is my ultimate quite place.  My relaxing space.  I can always BREATHE at the beach.  The only thing required of me when I am at the ocean is reading, cocktailing and building sand castles.

8.Coffee – Specifically coffee in a fun mug.  Coffee alone makes me smile.  But coffee in a fun mug = priceless.  One thing I don’t have built up in my new office yet is a collection of sassy mugs.  Better get on that.

9.Cuddling – I love to cuddle with my children.  They are at the age of indecision about this one.  They still like to cuddle but are slowly pulling away from hand-holding in public and big kisses at the bus stop.  Any time I can snuggle on the couch or in bed with them just brings me into a state of bliss.

10. Goofiness & sarcasm – I can appreciate a wicked sense of humor.  I was raised on it.  If I don’t insult you than I don’t love you.  Period.

So now I feel the need to tag some of my own pals in the blogosphere.  Of course I am going to make Lara from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom do it.  And life is truly no fun if I can’t torture Amanda of parenting BY dummies. And how about messing with Amy of Accidental Musings?  She might kill me but… she’ll have to catch me first!