I was inspired the other day to create a new weekly feature on the blog.

DRUMROLL, PLEASE: It is called “A Day In My Not-So-Hip-Life.”

THE INSPIRATION? Well, I was hanging out on the Get Hatched site when I noticed this featured called “A Day In The Life.” Which basically is a slideshow of photos and text chronicling one full day in the life of Teri Hatcher and her team at Get Hatched.   Being a voyeristic type of gal, I checked them all out.  What struck me while flipping through the photos was how different and way more glamorous Teri’s life was then the “normal mom blogger.”  Now, I don’t begrudge her that (She IS Hollywood) but, seriously it made me chuckle!  Err… makeup chair? Trailer on Wisteria Lane?  Hanging out with Miss Piggy? Hell, we do that all the time.

So I decided to start my own “day in the life” with bloggers.  I mean, our lives are WAY MORE FABULOUS, right?  She’s got nothing on us, yo.

So before we go any further, I ask you: Can you handle the fabulosity?

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Okay bloggy pals, how would you like your “not-so-hip-life” to be featured? All you need to do is Whrrl a day in your life.  Simple!  Email jlgerlock@comcast.net to schedule your week and get the button.

Can’t wait to watch the fabulosity that is your life!

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