Imagine your kindergartner asking for and receiving condoms from his/her school nurse without your knowledge.

How does that make you feel?

Yeah, me too.

Thanks to a new, district-wide policy approved by the Provincetown School Board, Veterans Memorial Elementary School will be making condoms available to students in all schools, event to those as young as kindergarten. And they are not going to be informing parents about the children requesting them.

Can I just tell you how angry this makes me? If my six year old asked for a condom from the school nurse I WOULD WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.

Seriously, people.

IS THIS LOGICAL? Are kids really having sex this young? Why are they even available for children in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? Am I the only parent in the world that thinks that children in elementary school should not be empowered like this? Or that at the very least, a parent has the RIGHT TO KNOW? I get the availability “safe sex” argument. Really, I do. I don’t care. I think it is ridiculous. When does it end? If my child is requesting a condom at that age then as a parent I have a lot more to worry about besides condoms. Children that young can’t emotionally deal with that type of intimacy. They are not mature enough. I would argue that this type of policy has the potential to be viewed by some as advocating children being intimate.

What say you?

UPDATE: National debate gets heated.  The latest from ABC news:  Kid Condoms: Provincetown Likely to Limit to 5th Grade and Up

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