I  had my first night as a Psudo-Foodie!

This past Thursday I was thrilled to join up with some Baltimore area bloggers for Love Feast Table’s Blog Love event at Zeke’s Coffee.  Kristen & Chris Ann are not only inspiring bloggers themselves but also wonderful and gracious hosts.  I was really happy to be included.

The first part of the evening was an espresso tasting.  So appropo for moi, eh? Yummy, to be sure!  I have to say that I thought I knew a lot about coffee, after all, I am slightly obsessed with it.  But I soon found out that I was a novice.

Case in point: Kopi Luwak coffee. Happen to be familiar with it? Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee.  It begins like most coffee beans do, that is, until the coffee berries ripen.  At that point they are eaten by Asian Palm Civets. (With me so far?) From there the coffee berries pass through the civet‘s digestive system and after a day or two are, well, excreted. (Nasty, I know.) At that point they are gathered up (wouldn’t want that job), cleaned, dried and then roasted. Voila!  Cat Scat Coffee!

All joking aside, I’ve been reading up on Kopi Luwak and it is supposed to be an extraordinary, albeit pricey, cup of coffee. If you are interested in sampling this delicacy, they are offering Kopi Luwak at Zeke’s.  So stop by and give it a try!

Another cool part of the evening was meeting some local bloggers: Elizabeth from Strawberries in Paris, Beth from 990 Square, Cara from Land of Bean, Dara from the Dara Does It, and Mary (scrumptious biscotti and crepe maker) from Sweet Mary.

Of course, I’ve been stalking their blogs ever since!

I have to say that connecting with this new community has rekindled my foodie passion.  Sometimes you get so caught up in the same old, same old that you forget to cultivate new experiences.  I’m so thankful that I attended.  Big love to Kristen and Chris Ann for including me!

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