Wordle: JG BusinessWhen it comes to social media marketing and engagement, I am in an interesting situation.  I am fortunate to be straddling the line between blogger and business owner.

As a blogger, I have been blessed by many relationships with businesses looking to spread the word about their product or service to others.  As a social media marketer I am fortunate to be able to see first-hand best practices and WORST practices at work.  Being on the receiving end of many campaigns has given me an interesting perspective, indeed.

I know from experience that some of the readers of this blog are small businesses, corporations and/or public relations representatives.  With that in mind, I thought that I might do a quick posting of some of the business articles that I have written on the topic of social media and engagement.  Enjoy!

Blogger Engagement Events – Some Best Practices:  Interested in putting on an engagement event for bloggers? Here are some best practices to get you started.

A Little Bit About Blogger Relations

Big Secrets To A Successful Blog:  Did someone say “secret?”

Four Ways Social Media Can Help Your Small Business :  Social media is key to helping build your small business. Don’t be intimidated!

Twitter: What Not To Do

So You Want To Plan An Event?:  Event planning 101

Please don’t hesitate reaching out to me if you have some thoughts to add to the discussion or would like some more information. I’m happy to help!

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