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I’ve completely lost him.

He is gone.

Selena has him now.  My little nine year old is totally and completely over the moon for Selena Gomez.  I know that we’ve discussed this before and I really hate to harp on it but the level to which my son has taken this crush is so UNEXPECTED.

She is everywhere.

On the TV. My iPad. The wall. The ceiling.

He watches videos and he sings the songs.  He calls her “H O T.”  Repeatedly.  Which, of course, I am not pleased with at all.

Being a naturally inquisitive type of person (and a slightly horrified mother) I asked him this morning why he keeps calling her “hot.”  What exactly hot MEANS.  Why not “pretty” or “beautiful?”  Young Jedi says it is because hot means really, really beautiful. Duh. As opposed to JUST beautiful.  Um, okay then.

And get this, now he wants to celebrate Selena’s birthday on July 22nd.  He wants to have a couple of pals over and eat Rocky Road ice cream (her favorite) and listen to her songs.

Cute, right?  Cute AND disturbing at the same time.  Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to be replaced this soon.

I’m clearly not taking this well.

What happened to my baby?

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