Ever overanalyze something so much that you just can’t will yourself to take action?  I do that regularly with this blog. It immobilizes me.

I’m afraid of the “niche.”  In my brain I know that having a niche is a good thing. It gives you a community, a goal, common ground and lots to write about.  Other than being a “mom blogger,” where do I fit?  What is my niche? I’m not sure.

I have so many interests and so many passions that, again, I am often immobilized. I don’t know where to go first or what to do.  Ever felt that way?

I love to read.  I could write about that.  I love to write.  I love tech gadgets.  Hmmm…. there is an idea!  Fitness, beauty & lifestyle. How about kids and music?  And gardening.  I love that too.  And I have been meaning to figure out how to skateboard.  Oops!  Can’t forget the running passion, can we?  Maybe I will Vlog?  Or not. Hmmm…. What should I write about again?


I just don’t know where I fit in these days.  Especially when it comes to blogging.

Sometimes I end up staring at the screen wondering what in the world I should blog about.  And WHY anyone would want to read it.

I’m stuck in that place.

How to get out of it?

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