Didja notice that I skipped the training report for last week?  Wondering why?

Because it stunk, that is why.  Katie (@rjmommy) was out of town on vacation and I managed to squeeze out a measly 6 mile run before I called it quits.  Because I suck.  I can’t seem to run without her these days.  I’m beginning to think that Katie is my human GU or something.

Now might be a good time to fill you in on the power that is GU, I guess.  GU is awesomeness in a tube.  It is energy and it is addictive. (Hey, don’t judge. My addiction could be way worse you know.)

My favorite is Chocolate Outrage. It is like sucking down chocolate fudge icing.  I am so obsessed that I can even remember the moment that I discovered this crazy little flavor… it was during the Marine Corps Marathon around mile 18 at Hains Point.  Somebody handed me one on the course.  I slowed down to a walk just to enjoy it.  From then on I was hooked.  (Mint chocolate ain’t too shabby either!) If you ever find yourself attempting a strenous workout and need a little kick to get you through – I highly recommend GUing it.

SUNDAY MORNING LONG RUN REPORT – WEEK 15: Katie and I hit the road at 5:30 this morning to try to avoid the swealtering heat. Which didn’t happen. It was 85 degrees when we began and it climbed 10 more degrees before we finished.  It was so hot that we cut the run short at 10.5 because we were worried about heat exhaustion and hydration.  I never mess around with that as a general rule.

But really?! How much earlier does a girl need to get up to avoid this type of thing? 3am? 2am?  Grr….  My fingers were so swollen afterwards that I couldn’t get my wedding ring off.

This week my focus will be on cross training.  Specifically cross training with weights.  I really need to get rid of about 15 pounds.  Do you know how hard it is to carry around that extra weight when running? Not to mention my clothing that doesn’t fit. Gah! Don’t get me started….

So that is the race report for this week.  BY THE WAY: Interested in supporting me and my charity in the NYC Marathon If you are an individual who thinks I am bonkers and would like to donate to help support the craziness and to erradicate childhood obesity, then please do so here. I need to raise $2,190 before October 1st!  However, if you are a business who would like to sponsor me monetarily or otherwise, please email me directly at jlgerlock@comcast.net and we can chat.

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