I love the Boho-Chic look.  I just think it is one of the coolest looks around.

Don’t you?

Boho-chic fashion combines all of the fun bohemian and hippie influences made popular in the past couple of years by likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and the Olsen sisters.

One thing all of these ladies have in common?  (Besides oodles of cash?) STICK THIN.  Which I am not.  Ahh, there is the rub.  I’m a pear shape, which does not translate well into many of the garment’s designed with these celebrities in mind.

So, if you are like moi, then you need to get a bit creative when pulling together a Boho-Chic inspired ensemble.  Some tips: Opt for fabrics with interesting texture, color, length, volume and pattern.  Try flower prints, flowing maxi dresses, prairie and peasant skirts as well as billowy fabrics like lace, silk, chiffon, macramé detailing and fringes.  And don’t forget the all-t0o-important accessories!  Invest in bracelets, anklets, necklaces, belts and sandals.

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