Today we are profiling another blogger in the “Day In My Not-So-Hip Life” series!

And this week we are taking a gander into the life of Dumb Mom from Parenting by Dummies.  Now, I want to take this moment to set the record straight about this little lady… she is way smarter than she appears.

Savvy, even.

But I don’t think she wants anyone to know that so shhhhh…..  Keep it between the two of us, k?

Also, she lives near me.  Like, within 10 minutes.  Which is amazing.  Because I love to see her in real life.  Except for the fact that she is gorgeous.  Which makes me hate her at the same time.  Yeah, I’m such a woman like that.

Anyway, here is the coolness that is the life of Dumb Mom:

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