Best run to date = pain.  Who knew?

This week was my longest run to date in FOR-EVA.  Katie & I tackled 14 miles, six miles of which was hills. The weather was good, we had endless energy and the conversation was flowing. It was glorious.  (And for the record –  we didn’t walk ANY of the hills.  MIRACULOUS.)

Today though, today I am so sore.  The best way to describe the pain is to liken it to the first time you do a lower body leg workout.  The day after pain you experience.  The I-can’t-walk-why-am-I-doing-this-again (?) pain.

I feel like an old woman today. Ouch.

When I feel like this my mind starts to ask questions.  Questions like “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE, JENNIFER?
My mind sometimes sounds like my dad.

You wanna know why?  For the kids.  For my kids. For your kids.

Let me explain: One day my friend Tracey encouraged me to take a five mile run with her through the park.  I told her that there was no way in hell I could run five miles WITH HER. (She had previously run a marathon.) But her persistence and encouragement that day paid off.  I ran that five miles and I realized that I was limiting myself.  That I could accomplish great things in life by taking it ONE STEP AT A TIME and by believing in myself.

That day represented SO MUCH MORE than ‘going out for a run.” It represented A PHILOSOPHY. The realization that I really could accomplish the unthinkable. And it shapes my life to this day.

My only wish?  That I had learned it sooner.  I am embarking on this charity run in order to pass that spirit along to MY CHILDREN and TO OTHER CHILDREN. I want them to find their power NOW.

So all of this training and running is for ONE REASON: To raise money for the “Run for Something Better” charity. This charity focuses on changing children’s lives through fitness. R.F.S.B. encourages healthy lifestyles, empowerment and the prevention of childhood obesity. They fund running and fitness education programs in schools to show kids how exercise can help achieve good health,  positive self-esteem and self-worth.

And people, I need to raise $2,500. HOLY CRAP.  I need to raise it in the next two months.

Yes, I am scared.  I’m not sure that I can do it.  I’m nervous.  Very nervous.  What I know is that I can’t do it alone.

Will you help me? Won’t you please consider making a donation to support and empower children? (Totally tax deductible, of course.)

  • You can donate at my page.
  • OR via PayPal to
  • OR via check (happy to give you the address and information if you need it)
  • OR your business could sponsor me. (Further details can be worked out on how this can be mutually beneficial. I’ll blog. I’ll tweet. I’ll wear your logo on a coolio t-shirt. And so will Katie because she is a fantastic pal! Email


  • Support me and my cause and help propel it forward through social media. Facebook, Twitter, on your blog.

Together we can help transform children’s lives and attitudes!  If you’ll support my commitment to Run For Something Better, I’ll do all the training.  TRANSLATION: Pain free for you!

Thank you so very much!

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