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So Lindsay Lohan is out of jail after serving 13 of her 90 day sentence.

Hmmm… She is out of prison and has been whisked away to a three month rehab program.  Her FOURTH rehab program.  Reports are that the 24 year old is battling booze, cocaine and prescription drugs.

To reiterate: she is only 24 years old.  The poor baby.  What demons she must have.

When I worked in the music industry I got a small (very, very small) glimpse of how celebrities existed.  They are surrounded by a bubble of “yes men” who sit around all day and tell them how brilliant and funny and oh-so-right they are.  Even when they aren’t brilliant, or funny or oh-so-right.  I remember the absurdity of it all.  Like, being asked to research reputable tattoo parlors for a 12 year old or expected to buy illegal drugs. I wrapped gifts and fed dogs and imported special hot dogs and made bikini waxing appointments.  And I wasn’t even a personal assistant.  I was the PR rep.  It was just expected that you did whatever someone asked you to do whenever they asked you to do it.

How can you have a normal, grounded, level-headed existence if your every whim is catered to no matter how ridiculous? Especially if you are a child who is never given a firm NO? Who will help you when you are searching for meaning in your life?  Real, true meaning?

Lindsay’s story to me represents the sad existence of a youth gone wild.  A child whose creativity wasn’t harnessed.  A child whose mother wanted to be a “friend” rather than an authority figure.  A mother who got sucked up into the fame of it all.

Such a shame.

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