Jeggings are the new “it” thing for fall, ladies. I keep reading about them. They are everywhere.  I am even featuring them as a look for Back-To-School fashion in Frederick Magazine.

As I was researching them the other day I got to thinking that, well, that they were stupid.

At least for my body type.

Which, by the way, is a REGULAR, real-woman body.  (Translation: I have HIPS.)

Asking me to wear jeggings conjures up all sorts of images in my brain.  Mostly of being stuffed in a sausage. Or my saddlebags sticking out.  YIKES!

The saleswoman at the local shop where I got them for the shoot said, “You should pair them with billowy blouses and tall boots. So CUTE!”  The billowy blouse that she handed me had an empire waistline.  Oh. Dear. God. Puh-lease woman!  I would look like a PREGNANT stuffed sausage if I wore that ensemble.

Which lead me to this question for the real women & moms of the world:  Would YOU wear them?

“Asking if I would wear jeggings is like asking if I would walk the streets dressed in nothing but glue from the waist down.” – @mommysstillfab

“I AM going to wear them. They were like super stretchy maternity jeans that I can wear below a tunic (sans guilt).” – @makeovermomma

“Leggings, yes. Skinny jeans, yes. Jeggings, HECK to the NO. That’s a total fashion faux pas. Similar to the denim diapers.” – @2cleanornot2

“Would I wear jeggings? NO. I think they’re meant for stick insects.” – @aprilfin

“I wear them! =]” – @honestmamatalk

“They’re called ‘Jeggings!’ I can’t even begin to take that seriously.” – @temerityjane

“They look FAB on a 6ft model & R likely very uncomfortable. + I say NO to crack! My 5’3″ frame says no.” – @lisagorham

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