Where do you find your JOY?

I find it in the simple everyday.  It is not complex. It is spontaneous. It is profound.  It is a way of being.

I find:

JOY and comfort in the timber of my husband’s voice. That man can sing and sing well. When he takes his place at the piano my heart flutters.  I am instantly transported to the day we met.  Oh yes, there is joy there.

JOY in tiny arc of my youngest son’s nose. That nose, surrounded by a smattering of delicate freckles sends my heart into a tailspin. He is still my baby. Albeit, not for long.  I find joy there.

JOY in the smell of my oldest son’s hair. He is pushing puberty.  He is gaining independence.  But when we snuggle together in the evening, the smell of his hair takes me back to his infancy.  There is joy there.

JOY in the peals of laughter emanating from my mother and sister. When we find time in our busy lives to simply be together, happiness always finds us. It is my safe haven. It brings me strength. It brings me laughter. Joy lives there.

JOY in the pages of a book. Storytelling is essential to my existence. Words fascinate me. The smell of books captivate me. Joy never leaves my library.

JOY in the rhythm of the run.  Running balances me. Running heals me. Running empowers me. The joy of the run renews me.

JOY in nature. Green leaves.  Babbling brooks. A rush of waves hitting the shore. A field of wild flowers. I find myself spontaneously moved to tears. The beauty of nature brings me joy.

JOY in an uncluttered schedule. No constraints.  Freedom. Endless possibilities. A joyful existence.

JOY in the embrace. The embrace of a child. Of a friend. Of a loved one.  That physical contact carries joy.

JOY in the Lord. When I take time to sit and be, He is there.  When I am overwhelmed, He comforts me. I have Joy when I spend time with the Lord.

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