Hello! Jennifer asked me to guest-post and when the social-media-maven asks, I jumped at the chance!

Jennifer is my idol because she’s so into fitness. My wife and I recently did the Jillian Michaels routine and I lost 15 pounds! I’m really psyched about it, too!

[psst] is she gone?
Excellent! She never really reads any blog beyond the first sentence, anyway 😉
When Jennifer asked me to guest post I said, “sure, I’d be happy to post my fitness story.” She, who is training for the NY Marathon, was totally on-board!

She obviously only reads my blog occasionally 😉 Apart from the couple of posts where I talk about my “climb to weight-loss”‚™ (I like that so much I had to trademark it), I rarely mention “fitness.” You see, I’m a geek. What’s more, I’m a geek-dad. I can spot fellow geeks a mile away- especially geek-moms! I’m here to say that Jennifer is a geek. Oh sure, she passes herself off as “hip” and a “glossy, shiny girl,” but I’ll clue ALL of you in that she is really one of the geekiest girls I’ve known.

I can say this because I’ve hanged with the geekiest. I’ve been to sci-fi conventions, did FOUR years playing a vampire in several LARPs, voted Democrat (still do), as well as a few other things I won’t go into here. I’m here to tell you, she’s got her geek on!

Remember her “story” on going to see Twilight: Eclipse? What she didn’t tell you is that she dressed up as Bella for the occasion. Oh sure, she “went on” about how the audience went crazy whenever the shirtless Jacob came into view- but how does she explain this photo I acquired from that evening?! Cougar, indeed!

Then there was the time her iPad arrived “for research purposes in social media hardware.” Oh sure, she let on about how she was excited she was when she ordered it online. What she didn’t mention was that she had to because, though she waited in line 5 days, she couldn’t get one at the Apple Store the FIRST day it was out! Did she mention that she owned a 27″ iMac? Not enough? How about the gaming server farm in her basement?!

Oh, yeah- then there was the Star Wars convention… – that’s all I have to say about that.

Yeah, I’ve got her number. I’m on to her and I’m out to tell the world that Jennifer Gerlock is a geek! Don’t let her fool any of you again!

My job here is done.

…btw- can someone mention to her that we had to move D&D night to Thursdays because the Frederick Web Technology Group has moved to Tuesdays. Thanks 😉

P.S.- ok- those aren’t “actual” photos, but journalistic illustrations. I don’t have any actual proof, but… then again!

Kevin Bruce is a totally geeky dad who blogs at Neutral Good. He is a real life pal (@kevinbruce) who has a saint of a wife and a beautiful little boy who probably already knows all of the Star Wars characters by heart. SIGH.
PS: I have no idea how he got those alleged pictures of me.  ALLEGED.

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