Are you a fashionista with a penchant for technology?

Oh boy, have I got a treat for you!  Take a look at these two free iPhone apps:

Can’t attend fashion week? No worries! has developed the most fabulous app for ladies who want the latest looks right off of the runways! It literally brings fashion week  to YOU. Shortly after the live shows, you’ll get all of the latest looks uploaded to your fingertips. You’ll be the first of your friends in the know! NYC, Paris, Milan, London … how cool is that?

Ms. Wintour has done it again

That Anna Wintour.  She thinks of everything! How many times have you been left wondering about an item in an ad? (Sometimes the ads are the best part!) How much is it? Where can you get it?  Well, now Vogue has put out the Vogue Stylist app. This lovely piece of technology lists out everything in the latest fashion ads, provides details, pricing  and, of course, where  shopping gals can go to purchase. Not only that but it will let you know the latest fashion trends and even provide product suggestions. Love it!