I WANT people to like me.

Always have.

I’m what you would call a “goody-two shoes.” I’m pretty much always positive, always smiling, a glass half full, cheerleader kind of girl. I try not to think ill of anyone and always give the benefit of the doubt…ALWAYS.

I know, you can barf now if you need too. I’ll wait.

Anywho… lately I have been dealing with someone who I just can’t get to like me. Infuriating! Now, I am not naive enough to expect she and I are going to be best pals or anything like that, I just am having a hard time accepting her obvious, shall we say… “lack of enthusiasm” in regards to interacting with me.

The other day we had a conversation on the phone where apparently she was under the impression she was speaking with a different Jennifer. When I corrected her … her voice fell. (!) The enthusiasm was GONE. Long gone. It was so obvious that I almost laughed out loud. Really?! Am I THAT bad?

Can anyone else relate to this situation?

I’ve decided that instead of angsting over her view of me, I will instead use it as a life lesson. Oh sure, I could probably fawn all over her and perhaps earn some small “likability” factor in her mind… but why?

You can’t make everyone happy and you can’t make everyone like you. So why waste your energy trying?

I will continue to be kind to her and accept the fact that we won’t be friends or enemies. We’ll just BE.

You can’t win ’em all, right?