Let me share with you one of my proudest moments as a mother…

My little ones have been in school for just shy of two weeks now.  Yesterday the boys brought home their first “Thursday folder” of the year.  The “Thursday folder” contains all of the school newsletters, flyers and miscellaneous work they have done in the classroom.

In this fabulous folder I found a (insert sarcasm here) lovely math assessment done by my sweet, innocent fourth grader.

Ahem. Let me share his work with you:

Burning planes and all...

QUESTION: Write a story that represents 8X6:

HIS ANSWER: There were 10 planes with 6 kids in each. 2 planes got shot down and the kids died. How many kids are alive?

And if that weren’t enough to drive the death point home, he then proceeded to draw out a charming  graphic representation of planes going down in flames and dying children.

Teacher’s response?

*Please use topics that are less graphic and more school appropriate.

Gee, you think?!!!

Clearly my child needs to go back to Sunday School, and confession and perhaps maybe even therapy.

Color me mortified. I’m never stepping foot into that classroom again.

So, is using death to solve math problems just a boy thing?  Anyone know? Will he be torturing animals next?

As an aside, he got an A.