My son gets his Selena Gomez wish…

You know how I told you that little miss Selena Gomez had replaced me as Young Jedi’s favorite girl?  Well, any smart mom would probably avoid that little tart (!) like the plague to avoid her worming her way further into her son’s heart.  But oh, not I. Instead my husband and I decided to grant the little man with one of his biggest wishes.

So we took him to see her in concert at the York, PA fair this past weekend.

It was an experience, let me tell you.

First thing you need to know is that the audience was mostly elementary and middle school girls. Barely any boys there.  Second thing you need to know is that these little girls can SCREAM, yo.

Holy Hannah. THEY CAN SCREAM. And they do.

All Star Weekend opened up the show and they rocked it.  Excellent performance. And let me just say here that the former rocker girl in me was totally into their performance.  Hey, from where I sat, they looked legal. Ahem. Let’s just say that I could APPRECIATE the pre-teen beside me getting all giddy over the band.  (Me? Cougar? Wha?)

And then it was time for SELENA.

I’m gonna pause here and say that I was expecting voice tracks and dancers and smoke and mirrors.  I admit it.

But no, she was REAL. She was adorable. She was unbelievably talented. And I loved it, every minute of it, even though I knew both my sons were completely infatuated with her and would probably be even worse off than before after seeing the concert.

So Selena, if you are reading this, you now have my permission to hang out with my son.  He is 9. He is funny and sweet  and totally devoted and  in love with you and would probably make a great roadie. By the way, he plans to move to the entire family to California in the near future just so you two can be neighbors.

But one tiny thing first…. Next time we meet, wear a longer skirt, k? No need for that  darlin.’ You are cute enough.  Don’t want you going all Britney on us.

Hey, don’t judge.  I’m a mom first, you know!