Stacey Marsh may seem no different then you or I. She is working mother juggling two busy daughters (Megan and Madison) a husband and a household.  And, oh yeah, there is that other thing: Marsh is also founder and president of Flatout Flatbread.

I LOVE Flatout Flatbread.  Therefore, I love Stacey Marsh.

I got the chance to meet her while in New York City at BlogHer. I was invited to do a walk sponsored by the brand. When I met Stacey and got a chance to talk with her, the momprenuer in me was inspired.

Driven by her desire to “invent a food,” Stacey literally worked night and day to make it happen, even going on sales calls with her six month old daughter in her arms. In the past 10 years, Flatout  has not only flourished into a national brand but has also become one of the fastest growing specialty breads in America.


I recently spoke with Stacey about being a mom entrepreneur.  One part of that interview can be found on my Washington Times blog “Hip As YOU Wanna Be.

Here she shares some of her working mom tips with us:

Battling stress? Any advice?

Deal with things fast and make quick decisions. Start and finish projects as soon as you can and keep your “to- do” list short and current.

Additionally, have great partners – people you can rely on and trust. But don’t be afraid to tell it straight and never hold back on how you feel. It is much easier to deal with issues directly.

Last and most important for me, involve your family. I travel with my daughters whenever we can. They get to go on business trips with me. Were we all in New York a couple of weeks ago and did a Flatout walk with bloggers. It made our trip into a mini vacation!

Best advice for other working moms?

Be proud of what you do. If you don’t have a passion for what you do, change jobs! I think working in a situation you love makes you a better mom and wife. You’re “in the game” and your enthusiasm is infectious. Share that with your family.

Tools or products you can’t live without?

I use e-mail, texting and my iPhone to be able find extra time in the day to keep projects going and make decisions.

I know that I am a quote girl. Do you have an inspirational quote or motto you can share?

“Never look back and say what if…” – Mom and Dad

Favorite book or website?

My own blog site,! Social media has connected me with so many great moms and bloggers. The recent trip to New York where I met 20 bloggers brought me to a new level of authentic, real communication with people who engage with my brand every day. That’s something I could never have imagined just two, three years ago. It’s awesome!

Name:  Stacey Marsh
Business:   Flatout, Inc.

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