The prevalence of computers in our daily lives means that our children are exposed to them at a very early age.  Our kids watch our every move, including those online, and want to emulate the behavior they see.  Regardless of the many benefits that constant internet access brings, the online world remains a risky place for kids.

BitDefender’s new Protecting Children Online guide is a downloadable PDF that’s designed to be shared with friends, family members, and community groups to spread the word about online safety.

Protecting Children Online provides an overview of the risks and dangers kids can be subjected to on the internet and e-threats designed to target personal data.  It also contains tips for children, teens, parents, and teachers with practical advice and easy to implement solutions that can assist you in protecting your family online.

This  guide that can be emailed, printed, and shared with friends and loved ones alike in order to keep everyone safe in cyberspace.

Hey gang: This article was provided as exclusive content by BitDefender because of my role as a BitMom Blog Network Member.  No compensation was received for sharing this post however, BitMoms does provide me with a conference stipend and other materials to help me facilitate sharing topics of internet safety and security with my readers and through the BitMom Community.