My husband has a nasty, nasty habit.  Kills me!

He sleeps.

Now, it is not the sleeping itself that really gets me, it is WHEN the sleeping occurs that drives me up the wall.

Specifically, in the middle of a movie.  Watching a 90 minute movie together can literally take all night if he dozes off more than once.  Because once he dozes and wakes, he insists on rewinding the movie back to view the part that he missed so that we can all finish together.

This is especially excruciating while watching a kid movie.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see the 240 minute version of Hotel for Dogs, thank you very much.  Or Master of Disguise. (Oh dear Lord, spare me! Worst. Movie. Ever.)

It is like he is hit with a tranquilizer gun as soon as the movie begins to play. Spontaneous sleeping. Kinda like Pavlov’s dog.

I just want to sit all the way through a movie without  having to rewind the same scene over and over again.

Is that too much to ask?

(BTW – If you must know, my tranquilizer gun moment occurs whenever we get into the car. I go limp after a mere 20 minutes in the seat.  I more than pay him back for the movie rewind shenanigans, that is for sure. I’ve been sleeping on him for the last 15 years.)

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