My son, whom I affectionately call Tiny Ninja on this blog, is the most pure-hearted being that I have ever had the privileged to share space on this earth with.

He is a loving, gentle soul who wakes up with a smile and carries that happiness with him all day. People, I physically ache when I think about how dear and sweet he is.

My little man has had learning challenges since entering Kindergarten.  Let’s see… speech therapy, OT services, learning disabilities, reading groups, math interventions, tutoring, ADD diagnosis, processing issues, summer reading clinics, individualized education programs and extended learning opportunities.  You name it, he has had it.

And still he smiles.

This morning, however, he cried.  He cried long and hard.  He sobbed. Because this morning he started YET ANOTHER extended learning opportunity. This one was for math and it begin at 8:00am at his elementary school and it will, sadly, carry throughout the entire school year.

Tiny Ninja never had a problem with math until he began TERC math.  Don’t even get me started on this bullshit math program. Yeah, I said that. Out. Loud.  Because up until this math program was adopted by our school system, reading was our main challenge.  No longer.

But I am not writing today to bust on the math program… that is another post entirely.  I just need a space to vent and cry. Because sometimes I just can’t take the pain of seeing him struggle over and over again. As a mom I sometimes feel so helpless and yes, even angry.

When my little man sobbed this morning I couldn’t even find the words to comfort him. And I hate that.