Let me start by saying that I don’t exactly know how I feel about the tale I am about to tell you. I’m alternately proud and dismayed by it.

So here it is…

Young Jedi comes home the other day with a suspicious looking wad in his pocket. And by wad I mean large sum of money rolled up gangsta-style nestled safely in the front right pocket of his jeans.

Immediately I am suspicious. Because, really, even I don’t have A WAD OF CASH and I work for a living. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a wad of cash since I birthed the child so clearly there is a problem here.

So I sit down the little hustler youngster to interrogate question him. Come to find out he sold an unbelievable commodity – his GOOD DEEDS.

Yes, that is what I said. His GOOD DEEDS.

Shall I explain?

In our elementary school there is a reward system in place called “Hooting Hoorays.”  Kids are rewarded for their good behavior with little ticket-looking slips of paper. They collect them throughout the year then trade them in for various goodies and trinkets as well as the occasional extra recess, lunch with the teacher, etc.

Jedi was approached by his classmate “Veronica” who, having spied his large pile, offered to pay him top dollar for his collection of Hooting Horays. Sensing a mighty profit, he agreed.  And thus he came home with the gangsta-wad o’ bills.  He made $19.00 from the little girl.


Couple of things here… SHE made the offer and SHE decided on the price.  Which means that someone other mother has to deal with THAT problem.  Of course I am not laughing. Not. At. All.  Dude, I am so glad that isn’t my kid.

So I sat my boy down and explained why it wasn’t right to sell his good deeds and how she needed to earn them on her own and he shouldn’t take someone else’s money and yada, yada, yada…. Long story short, he gave the money back and got his tickets back only after I threatened to tell the teacher.

So to sum it up – I’ve learned that my kid definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit. You have got to admit, the transaction WAS slightly brilliant.

That is, if mommy hadn’t found out.